• Easy to use dairy cow seeker
  • Advanced mobile application for searching cows and see helth alarms like heat
  • Easy to instal IoT-system
  • Sensors can be updated over the air
  • Search range up to 2000 m in open environment.
  • Unique robust design
  • Long battery life up to 5 year
  • Changeable and chargeable batteries, can be charged or replaced after 5 years.
  • Works inside and outside
  • Patent granted


  • SAVES YOUR TIME: Bigger heard you have, more time you can save
  • Instant find from cow shed
  • Benefits start with 60 cows or more
  • Short payback time
  • Investment aid available in EU
  • Can be customized for your environment


How it works, see the video.

FindIt - dairy cow helth management system